Why the Seattle Mariners and the Milwaukee Brewers are Killing Me

I stink.

No, really I do.   I think I know what I am talking about but the reality is, I know squat.

OK, so I am being just a little hard on myself.  I know Major League Baseball, and yes there are times that I get things right and sound intelligent explaining my reasoning.  However, it is much more entertaining to offer up some self-deprecation for myself and for you, the reader.  Bragging is boring.   Belittling is fun.  Sounds strange?  Well, I have my reasons.  Simply put:

Despite King Felix's best efforts, his team and the Brewers are making me look dumb.  Image:  hardballtalk.nbcsports.com

Despite King Felix’s best efforts, his team and the Brewers are making me look dumb. Image: hardballtalk.nbcsports.com

The Seattle Mariners and the Milwaukee Brewers are killing me.

You may recall that before the season I had high hopes for these two teams.  I wrote a piece that stated these would be the two most intriguing teams in 2013.  I then stated that the M’s would win the American League West and the Brew Crew would capture a Wild Card spot.  Well, it’s two months into the season and boy, do my picks look worse than a Kardashian after yet another facelift.  Seattle sits 11 games out of first place with a 26-34 record and are 6-13 over their past 19 games including a 10-0 pasting by the Minnesota Twins on Sunday. Despite moves designed to bolster the offense, the team still struggles to score and is at times anemic at the plate.  Kendrys Morales leads the club at .299, no other regular is over .280.  The Brewers are even worse, at 22-35; only the Houston Astros and Miami Marlins have worse records.  The bullpen I still a mess, Yovani Gallardo (4-6, 5.25 ERA is not pitching like an ace and the bats have been quiet.  It is a shame because shortstop Jean Segura is having an MVP-type year ( 8HR’s, 25 RBI’s, 15 steals, .339) and Carlos Gomez (10 HR’s) has shown surprising pop.

While the season still has plenty of life yet, I am doubtful that either team can make a recovery in order for my preseason predictions for them come true.  At the time, I used sound logic and in the case of the Mariners, hoping for a little bit of luck.  These two errant selections do not make me an amateur when studying Major League Baseball.  It just means for the moment I only have one thing to say about myself.

I stink.


The St. Louis Cardinals are the best team in baseball.   They sit atop the National League Central with a 38-21 record.  I guess blowing that 3-1 lead in the 2012 NLCS did not affect the team in an adverse way.  They hit everyone and hit them hard with a potent lineup that shows no sign of missing Albert Pujols.  They are tied for the NL lead in runs scored.  They bat .269 as a team.  However, the rest of baseball should be worried:

The best is yet to come.

Their pitching is young and extremely talented.  We have already seen Shelby Miller dominate as a starter, same with Trevor Rosenthal in the bullpen.  Both guys are big and throw some serious heat.  While top prospect Michael Wacha got roughed up last night, don’t expect too many outings like that.  The team leads all of baseball with a 3.00 ERA and have tossed nine shutouts also the most in baseball, tied with the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates.   With Adam Wainwright leading this staff, Cards’ pitching should dominate for at least the next five seasons, just what the other 29 teams wanted to hear.


It is hard to fly under the radar in Philadelphia but Domonic Brown is changing that notion.  When one thinks of the Phillies, you automatically think of names like Jimmy Rollins,  Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels.  However, it is Brown who has had the monster year so far.  He was just named NL Player of the month for May and at 25, is enjoying a breakout season.  His 18 home runs lead the NL and his 44 RBI’s are good for third on the Senior Circuit.  Brown and Lee are the biggest reasons why the Phillies are hovering around the .500 mark with Halladay hurt and Hamels pitching poorly, albeit with little run support.

Drafted in the 20th round in 2006, the Phillies have been waiting for this production for a couple of years.  He had been a highly regarded prospect, so much so that the team didn’t even try to match the obscene contract offer the Washington Nationals made to Jayson Werth.  After minimal output in 2011 and 2012, Brown seems to have rewarded the Phillies with their patience.  If the team has another second half like last season, don’t be surprised if they make a  bid for the playoffs.

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  1. Jim

    Gotta love the fact that the Cardinals are sitting atop the NL Central while Pujols (243 AVG!) and his Angels are 10 games back in the AL West behind the powerful Rangers and the Moneyball A’s. Though the A’s are probably going to lose a big piece in Bartolo Colon, which will help the Angels in that race.

  2. Kathleen Keane

    The Cardinals are no surprise, sitting pretty atop the NL Central. Their ownership, scouts, etc. know how to put together a team. A little surprised about the Angels with the big names they got over the winter. The Marlins right where everyone expected them to be as a result of the fire sale they had. And my beloved Mets, what can I say. The cracks in the armor are more than visible. As they did nothing in the off-season, I don’t see them finishing higher than 4th, which is where they are now. I am afraid Matt Harvey will burn out by the All-Star break. He is fabulous and should be at least 10-0, but the bullpen keeps losing his games. He needs help not only from the bullpen, but in the 2-5 starters.

    • Jim

      At least R.A. Dickey is making the Mets look smart for trading him. Plus with the team struggling you may see some of the prospects the Mets got for him in big league action before the end of the season.

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