Brian Wilson: Return of the Beard

There are still a number of high-quality players left on the free agent market.  Much of the attention surrounds where outfielder Michael Bourn will land.  Others are speculating on the destination of pitcher Kyle Lohse.  The most intriguing name out there also happens to be the among the game’s brightest personalities, the man with the coolest beard in baseball.   Closer Brian Wilson also happens to be a World Series winner of the San Francisco Giants in 2010 but is also coming off Tommy John surgery which he had on April 19th.  They jury is still out on whether he can hit 98 MPH again but there should be a team out there who can give one of the most likeable players in baseball a shot at finding past glory.

I hope to see Brian Wilson pitch in 2013.  Image:

I hope to see Brian Wilson pitch in 2013. Image:

Closers have their own brand of “personality” both on and off the field.  You have Fernando Rodney who shoots an imaginary arrow after recording a save.  Rafael Soriano likes to untuck his jersey after the last out.  At the end of his saves, Wilson crosses his arms and looks up into the sky to honor both religion and his dad who passed away when he was 17.  The nature of the position dictates you must have a short memory as when you get beat, chances are your team loses.  The Beard is a natural for the position.  From his mohawk haircut, to his bright orange cleats and of course the now-famous facial hair, Wilson is one of the most recognizable players in Major League Baseball.   For a period of time, he was one of the best closers the game had.  He is a three-time All Star who also finished seventh for the Cy Young Award in 2010.  In that same season, he saved 48 games to lead the National League and his ERA was 1.81 with 93 strikeouts in 74 2/3 innings.  In four seasons from 2008 through 2011, Wilson saved 163 games, one of the best totals among his peers  In the Spring of 2012, his shoulder was bothering him and he was forced to undergo surgery in April after only two appearances during the season.

The one team Wilson has been linked with is the New York Mets, a franchise that desperately needs some of the good vibes he could provide.  Most Met fans I have talked to are pretty down about the team although they understand that the pain that could be the 2013 season is necessary.  Wilson would provide stability at the back end of the bullpen and a popular presence for the organization that traded the rock star known as R.A. Dickey.  It would be nice to see the Amazins pick up Brian Wilson, and if the team falters, send him to a contender for a chance at another ring.  That would be a fitting scenario for a truly great person.

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One comment

  1. Jim

    Your right, Wilson would be a good add for the Mets. They need something fun to bring out the fans. As long as he pitches halfway decent and keeps up with the wacky antics, I think the Mets fans would embrace him immediately.

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