Bruce Bochy is on the Doorstep of the Hall of Fame

Last night, the San Francisco Giants wrapped up their second World Series title in the last three seasons by taking Game 4 4-3 in 10 innings, sweeping the Detroit Tigers.  This was Manger Bruce Bochy’s  third Series appearance having piloted the Giants in 2010 to victory and also taking the San Diego Padres in 1998 where they were swept by the record-setting New York Yankees.  Bochy joins a handful of managers who have either won multiple World Series or taken two different clubs to the Fall Classic.  All of which leads me to believe that Bochy is pretty close to entering the Hall of Fame for his managerial accomplishments.

Another World Series win would turn that frown upside down. Image:

Now how could I say this about a guy whose lifetime mark is 10 games over .500?  Easily.  Just consider some of the circumstances surrounding his success.  Before Bochy became manager of the Padres in 1995, that team made the playoffs exactly once in their 26-year history.  Bochy quadrupled that number by winning division titles in 1996, 1998, 2005 and 2006, with the team’s second pennant in history coming in ’98.  In 2007, Bochy headed up the coast to San Francisco to a team that had not won it all since moving West in 1958.  All he has done is win two titles and with the way General Manager Brian Sabean (himself a future candidate for Cooperstown) makes personnel decisions, there will be ample opportunities for more.  He is the 22nd manager to win more than one title; 13 of them made it to the Hall of Fame with Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa sure to be enshrined as well.   Bochy is also one of only 13 managers to have led two different clubs to World Series appearances.

One more World Series victory would punch Bruce Bochy’s ticket to Cooperstown.  Short of that, if he reaches the 2,000 win plateau (he has 1,454) that would make a strong case for induction.  At 57, Bochy could easily manages another 7-10 years if he so chooses.  For now, he should be recognized as one of the best, if not the best Field Boss in the game.

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