In a Land of Tigers and Giants, I’ll Take San Francisco

The 2012 World Series is finally here. Glad that we get to see the best two teams fight it out to determine a champion but sad that the time is short in the Major League Baseball season. We get the San Francisco Giants, 2010 World Champions against the Detroit Tigers who last won it all in 1984.  Two historic franchises, one big battle for diamond supremacy.  Stars and MVP candidates on both sides, past Cy Young winners hoping for one or two final big outings in 2012.  One last hurrah before the action on the field hibernates for the Winter.

The San Francisco Giants celebrate winning the 2010 World Series.
Expect a similar picture in 2012. Image:

Who has the edge in this year’s Fall Classic?  Well, the Tigers come in having not played since last Thursday so their pitching staff is lined up exactly how they want it.  Then again, almost a week off this late in the season can make a hot team go cold and rusty.  The Giants have certainly made their fans sweat by being down 2-0 and 3-1 in both of their series only to come roaring back from the brink of elimination.   Some might say the team may have already played their best baseball and is spent.  Detroit has the best player in Miguel Cabrera and the best pitcher in Justin Verlander.  San Francisco returns many of the same important players that won it two years ago.

So who wins?  My prediction in March and then at the beginning of this postseason was the Texas Rangers.  I also said if it was not Texas, it would be whomever won the National League pennant.  I firmly believe that the best four or five teams in the National League are better as a whole than the four or five best American League teams.  Clubs like the Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds are better and mentally tougher than their AL counterparts.  In case you haven’t noticed, the National League has won three of the last four World Series and the last three All-Star Games.  It is commendable that the Tigers, who played below expectations for most of the season got hot late and found themselves at destiny’s doorstep.  However, the Giants have overcome so much more including the suspension of Melky Cabrera, coming back in round one against the 96 win Reds and ending the reigning champion Cardinals’ dream of a repeat.   San Fran will win this with much less drama.  Giants in 6.

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  1. Nate

    I think Verlander and the Tiger’s pitching staff is the deciding factor in this series. With Verlander likely starting game 1 and 5 and coming out of the bullpen if it goes 7…wow that’s tough to beat. Not to mention Fister and Sanchez are both pitching lights out right now too. I just don’t see how San Fran can overcome that. We’ll see though!

    • ltj41

      Overall, the Giants are just a better team. Detroit has more names people recognize and their starters are great. But they will be facing a Gaints lineup that is better at producing runs than Oakland and New York.

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