Why Everyone Needs to Relax About the New York Yankees

Did I miss something?

Weren’t the New York Yankees one of the final four teams playing this year in Major League Baseball?   I’m not so sure, the so-called smartest fans in baseball (along with the media) seem to be leading me astray.  To be in New York the last five days you would think the Yanks lost 122 games and tied the other 40.  I get it, the hitting was historically bad against the Detroit Tigers.  To rehash the numbers that have been spouted endlessly recently would be a waste of my time and yours.  So now that everyone has started to exhale and maybe taken a couple of sedatives, here are some helpful insights from your favorite baseball blogger to help bring you back to reality.

The Yankees actually went farther in 2012 than they did in 2011.

Is this the logo of the New York Yankees or the Washington Generals? New York fans have me confused. Image: http://www.90feetofperfection.com

OOHH, I know, such groundbreaking stuff.  But it’s true.  You can look it up.  They lost the ALDS in 2011 to those (almost) same Tigers in five games.  So the Bronx Bombers had a more successful season this year than last and all I hear about is that they just lost 9 out of 10 to the Bridgeport Bluefish.    So once all of the fans around baseball (except those from Detroit, St. Louis and San Francisco) quit their snickering and glee from the Yanks’ dreadful ending, there is this cold, hard fact:  they would have traded places with Yankee fans in a second.  They would have loved to seen their own teams in that exact same spot because that would have meant a successful season.  Which brings me to the next point.

The Yankees had the best record in the American League, winning 95 games despite an array of injuries.  So now, people want this team dismantled by cutting and trading players as if this was a bad week of Fantasy Football.  Folks, you have to maintain excellence over the course of a 162 game regular season just to make it to the postseason.  So when you ask not to re-sign Nick Swisher, not pick up Curtis Granderson’s option and trade Alex Rodriguez (because hey that hasn’t been proposed 10,001 times) do you really have an idea what that means?  It means that while the playoffs are not a lock if you maintain the status quo, they may become even more remote by blowing up the team because now you are dealing with the unknown.  Do you suppose you snap your fingers, and BAM, here comes 100 wins?  So you want to dump Russell Martin and his .211 batting average?  Find a catcher who has experience handling almost 20 different pitchers in one season and is a rock behind the plate.  Go scan the waiver wire and let me know how that works out. Make all those changes and if the team goes .500, then what?  Fire Joe Girardi?  Trade Derek Jeter?  Exhume George Steinbrenner’s body?

2013 is not the year to make whole sale changes to the Yankees.  That will happen in 2014 when the self-imposed $189 million dollar cap will begin to take effect.  It makes sense to give this group one more shot at getting to the World Series.  It won’t be nearly as bad next postseason.  Logically speaking,  in 2011 it was the ALDS, in 2012, it was the ALCS.  So that means in 2013 it will be the World Series.  Then again, logic is not a word we would associate with most New York baseball fans.

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  1. Manny

    I agree with you. Fans should be a little more patient. Unfortunately in this day and age patience is not considered a virtue but a weakness.

    I think dumping A-Rod would be crazy! who’s going to take on $130 million contract for an aging star? I’m sure most of the MLB teams won’t. And I understand eating like $90 million of the contract… but that’s nuts too… you’re going to pay $90 million + some low end plauer’s salary over the next couple of years… I think that might be the dumber move. Keep A-Rod and his bloated contract for now. Take all the good he can do on the field for your team. If you’re worried about his locker room presence… treat him like a child and put him in a corner.

    As for Jeter… Trade him??? are you dense? He’s Ted Williams-esque for this franchise. Trading him could be on par with what the Red Sox did with Ruth! The guy has been winning championships for your team since his second year in the majors. He’s the face of OUR team. Do you want the yankees to be faceless? Do you want the Yankees to be known only as steroids users? This is the cleanest guy in maybe all of the “steroids years” of baseball. He’s a great Embassador of the game for the Yankees.

    How about this instead. Use A-Rod and Jeter in places that will help you. Maybe you let A-Rod DH/give Jeter a respite. Start one DH the other. Find someway to keep these guys on the field/in the lineup at the same time as much as possible. Change up the batting order… just be smart about it. Be honest with the players and let them know what you are doing and why. If A-Rod wants to complain about his diminished role it’s just more ammunition for the trade later.

    Another thing to try on for size… actually get GOOD back-ups. Make sure guys in your farm league get a chance to come up and practice/play with the squad. I can only imagine what practicing and playing with greats like Jeter, Rivera, A-Rod, Teixeira, etc will do for their careers and the Yankees in the future. Say what you want about any of them… but they have incredible work ethic. Let your young guys know that it takes a great work ethic to get to the top. Yes talent, DNA, all that mumbo-jumbo is a big factor… but if you’re not motivated to honing your craft… you will SUCK! Sure you might be a one year wonder… but once other teams catch on to what you’re about… “say good night Gracie!”

    This I ask of the Yankees organization. Please-oh-please be decisive about a young player and what you want to do with him. Don’t pull another “Jobba”. If the guy is having ALOT of success at a position.. Stop changing him because you “THINK” he might be good to great in some other place. You know the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… guess what… live by that when positioning your young players. Look, we all have to face this in our lives. I may have wanted to be a surgeon… but I didn’t have the motivation, intelligence, talent, etc to become one. So now I’m an accountant. I make a good living as one. I’m pretty good at it… Yes I could possibly be a good surgeon…. but for me… I will take the known of “Good Accountant” than chance the unknown and back and forth of being a surgeon. So guess what… Professional Players need to understand… play the position that helps the team the most. If you’re a better third baseman than SS… shut up and play 3rd!

    • ltj41

      Wow, talk about getting stuff out there. Check your blood pressure:)

      I was only kidding about Jeter. He will break the hits record in a Yankee uniform.

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