Farewell 2012 Regular Season

So long, old friend.

See you in six months.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Major League Baseball playoffs just as much as the next fan.  However, there was some sadness as I watched Alcides Escobar of the Kansas City Royals go down on strikes for the final out of the 2012 MLB regular season.  After all, every day for the past half-year we have watched over a hundred games and viewed thousands of highlights.  And then, all of a sudden, it’s over.   Sixteen games yesterday and none today.   There is a sadness that comes with this day, one that for rabid baseball fans such as me, won’t be healed until Opening Day 2013.

It’s a shame we won’t see King Felix until 2013. Image: sportsillustrated.cnn.com

I’ll miss watching MLB Network’s Quick Pitch every morning and not just for the recaps.  Giving my youngest a bottle, I would flip on the TV before 7 AM to watch all the results and plays from the previous day.   My oldest, who is not interested in watching (but enjoys playing), would wake up around this time and lay on the couch.  I would hope (and still do) that by watching the highlights, he will become more of a fan.  Inevitably, a question gets asked about a team or a player and I am only too happy to oblige with an answer.   The middle one then stumbles out and demands to change the channel.  I’ll have to wait many months before I could relive that scenario (without the bottle part I hope).

I’ll miss trying to find out who won the late games.  Since I now blog for the Arizona Diamondbacks, each morning I was anxious to see what the Snakes had done after I had fallen asleep.

I’ll miss Los Angeles Dodgers clips, not because of the team but because I know I will get a chance to hear the great Vin Scully. 

I’ll miss channel surfing, hoping to catch an inning of Felix Hernandez, a moon shot from Jose Bautista or a laser throw from Jeff Francoeur.

I’ll miss the warm, sunny weather that embodies the great game of baseball.

I’ll miss the regular season of 2012 and every year because  it is the only regular season that really matters.  It is clear the NBA and the NHL are playoff-driven leagues and the NFL, while dwarfing baseball’s popularity, is a once-per week showcase.  Baseball is there every single day from April to October.  You follow your team, you read stories on them, you almost feel like they are family to you.

And then they are gone.

So long pal.  Opening Day is only 179 days away.

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