Josh Reddick: The Best Player You Are Not Following

It sure has been a long time since I have been on here.  And boy does it feel good to be back.  I did take a nice long vacation but came back last Sunday.  From there, I contended with a stomach bug, my wife’s birthday, a Big Time Rush concert and 100 miles of driving on both Saturday and Sunday.  It began to feel as though this blog was being overlooked.

Sort of like Josh Reddick is on the national scene. 

Yes, he is a nightly fixture on MLB Network because of his spectacular plays in the field and at bat.  But did you realize has belted 25 home runs, the same number as Albert Pujols and Robinson Cano?  Probably not.  Now I understand he plays in a loaded division with the two-time defending AL champion Rangers and the Angels who count Pujols and story of the year candidate Mike Trout.  Heck, more people attribute the suprise of Reddick’s team, the A’s, to its great pitching.  All of this is true.  However, people need to realize that Reddick is a special player.  The average is a not-so-hot .253 but then again, he doesn’t have a stacked lineup like the Rangers, Angels and Yankees.   Plus, he plays his hoem games in the Oakland Coliseum, which is a pitcher’s paradise.    In the field, Reddick’s defense is nothing short of electric.  He has made numerous catches and throws that shoudl enable him to win a Gold Glove this season.  In fact, let us check out one of those plays right now.  The victim?  Trout himself.

If Oakland is to make its first playoff appearance since 2006,  Josh Reddick will have to be the offensive catalyst.  Although he will not win the league MVP,  there is no doubt that he is the A’s team MVP right now.  Maybe if Oakland does sneak in as a Wild Card, the nation will appreciate the talents of its future All-Star Right Fielder.

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