What’s in a Name? The Mets’ Jordany Valdespin Knows

Image: dailystache.net

Admit it, you saw this coming.  You knew that once the New York Mets recalled Jordany Valdespin from the Minors that he was destined to do something big, such as winning Monday night’s game over the Philadelphia Phillies with a three run home run.  So how did you , the seasoned baseball fan (and even those of you who think the term “battery” refers to Duracell) know that the rookie was headed for stardom?  That’s easy.  It is all about the name.

Jordany Valdespin has to be one of the greatest names in baseball history, so much so that I will use both his first and last name every time I mention him in this blog, in casual conversation and on my next phone call at work.   For a guy that had 7 at bats before Monday, Jordany Valdespin was mentioned almost every inning of every game this season.  It was “Jordany Valdespin can pinch hit later” or “Jordany Valdespin has options left when player X comes off the DL”.  In fact, Jordany Valdespin ordered a pizza from the Party City Tent while dressed as Mr. Met.  I don’t recall Howie Rose ever bringing that up, but I know it’s true.  If there is nothing else to learn about the 2012 season,  I will at least have learned the name Jordany Valdespin. 

So there he was pinch-hitting against Jonathan Papelbon  in the top of the ninth with the game tied at 2.  The Mets had two runners on with two outs.  You knew Jordany Valdespin was bound to come up big.  After all, the world was overdue for a Papelbon meltdown.  And this was the perfect opportunity for Jordany Valdespin to make up for all of those times his name was heard but he was never seen.  We knew he had a big hit in him.  Not even in any of our wildest dreams did we think it would be a three run dinger.  In case you were under a rock, check it out here.  Not only was it his first Big League hit, but the resulting blast gave the Mets a 5-2, come from behind victory on a night Roy Halladay  looked unbeatable. 

The Mets have certainly been interesting so far this year.  No team has endured the lowest of lows followed by the highest of highs quite like them.  Even if the team goes into the tank the rest of the way, you know that Jordany Valdespin not only has the most memorable hit but also the most memorable name.  You won’t forget him even if he does hit .150.

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