Don’t Mess with Texas; Rangers Will Find Out Third Time is the Charm

Yes, I know the Yankees just finished  beating up the Rangers 7-4 in Arlington, the first of three games in the Lone Star State between two of the American League favorites.  I don’t care if New York  sweeps this series, it is Texas who is the better team.  They are after all, 13-4 having just defeated the Tigers three out of four in Detroit.  And it is my belief that after two straight World Series defeats, the Rangers will bring home the first Championship in club history.

My favorite moment of this season took place this past Saturday.  My youngest was having nap issues so I decided to rock him a little bit around 1:15 that afternoon.  The 1 PM games had just started; the first game I spotted was Tigers-Rangers.  At that point it was 4-0 Texas, still batting with the bases loaded and nobody out in the first inning.  Yes, that is how good this Rangers ballclub is.  If they don’t club you to death, it’s their pitchers working quickly and efficiently and before you know it, you lose 6-2.  Before tonight’s game, the pitching staff had surrendered five runs in a game only once.  Meanwhile, the offense has reached double digits four times already. 

The Rangers also seem to be a team that has been slighted despite their accomplishments since the beginning of 2010.  After they lost that season’s World Series, people wondered if they had the toughness to get back.  They proved it the next year coming within one strike of the Championship.  The media then swooned as other clubs made splashier offseason headlines, most notably the Angels, Marlins and Tigers.  Coming out of Spring Training, the question centered around Texas’s ability to bounce back after such a crushing defeat in the World Series.  I think we know how that was answered.  It is about time people stop doubting them and believe that this is one of the best (if not the best) organizations in the game.

Wake up people.  The center of the baseball universe is not in New York and Boston.   While those teams may be good, the track record of the Rangers over the past two seasons and change indicates they are the class of the American League.  Come November, these Resilient Rangers will have one more name to be called:  Champions. 

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