MLB Extra Innings Worth Every Penny

For the 2012 season, I am going to make a first time purchase, something I probably should have done years ago.  For the low price of $179, I am going to order MLB Extra Innings which will allow me to see as many baseball games as humanly possible for the next seven months.   

Since I have been able to watch the New York Yankees and the New York Mets, Sunday night games on ESPN and since 2009 games on MLB Network, I really didn’t feel as though there was a need to get the Extra Innings package.  However, since I now write a blog about the Arizona Diamondbacks at, I feel I should watch (at least three or four innings given the time difference) the team I cover.

Another great reason to order Extra Innings can be summed up in two words:  Vin Scully.  Now entering his 62nd year covering the Los Angeles Dodgers,  Scully remains a national treasure and a joy to listen to even if he only broadcasts games west of the Rockies.   Dick Enberg announcing games for the San Diego Padres is also a treat for baseball fans.  I look forward to catching a glimpse of every team every night of the week from now until October.

Hopefully, I have done good job of selling you on the merits of ordering Extra Innings.  I have already convinced my pal Anthony M. to pick it up for another season.  He was on the fence but after I told him how much I was going to enjoy it for the first time, he got it for 2012.  I’ll check back periodically to give an opinion on other teams’ television announcers as well as my overall satisfaction with Extra Innings.  Until then, enjoy Opening Night.


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