Jamie Moyer: Ageless Wonder, Class Act

This is the time of year where predictions about the upcoming season are starting to be made.  So I would like to make my own for 2012 even if it is off the beaten path.  Jamie Moyer, recently signed to a minor league deal by the Colorado Rockies, will make the team out of Spring Training and proceed to set his career single season record for victories with 21.   OK, so maybe that is a little bit of a stretch.  However, wouldn’t that be a blast, watching a 49-year-old pitcher continually fooling hitters almost half his age? 

Right now, Moyer’s career win total is 267.  While he may not be able to reach 300 wins, he could realistically end up with 275 or 280.  His ERA will finish over 4.00.  If he finally decides to retire at age 51 with 281 wins, can we possibly think about him for the Hall of Fame?   I understand the Hall of Fame is for greatness, the immortal players and having numbers like Moyer’s can in some people’s eyes, reduce the Hall’s stature.  However, the word Fame indicates that a person is well-known for something special.  What baseball fan doesn’t know about Jamie Moyer, a guy who has won more games in his forties than anyone else in history?  If he can stick around for a couple of years and compiles a record of 13-8 with a 4.20 ERA at age 51, isn’t that a worthy accomplishment?  That is something that hasn’t been done and probably won’t ever be matched.  I am not saying he deserves to be enshrined; all I am saying it is something that should not be easily dismissed.

Another reason why I am rooting for Moyer is because he is one of the most charitable people in sports.   Through his website, http://www.moyerfoundation.org/, Jamie and his wife Karen have raised millions of dollars toward organizations that help children in distress.  Their most recent event, the Dream Catchers fundraiser held in New York City on November 11th, received $325,000 in donations.   In a sports world where negative headlines and over-the-top personalities dominate the coverage, it is great to see standout people such as Jamie Moyer live good, clean lives and influence millions of people in a positive way.

Perhaps the fact he does not play in New York and never has is why Jamie Moyer’s comeback story has not received much national coverage.  A 3-0 April would certainly warrant extra attention.  Perhaps obtaining 300 wins  is out of  Moyer’s reach at the moment.  However, since he underwent  Tommy John surgery at age 48 and is now back pitching 18 months later, would you bet against him?


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