Start the Countdown

The calendar says February 1st which means we are entering the final days before Spring Training.  Those of us that are not fans of cold weather felt a slight rise in temperature today.  Then again, here in the Northeast, today feels like Spring already.  All we need are some leaves on the trees, longer days and oh yeah, the first pictures from Florida and Arizona.

January is finally done.  Usually, the month feels like an eternity as we await the first glove popping and the first bat cracking.  This year’s warm weather has certainly helped quite a bit but for us baseball nuts, January couldn’t end fast enough.  The time between the last out of the World Series and the first throw of Spring Training seems a lot longer than three and a half months.  Thankfully since 2009, we have had MLB Network to occupy us.  Their daily doses of Hot Stove, Intentional Talk and Clubhouse Confidential along with their array of specials have kept us entertained all Winter long.

I do follow other sports.  I realize the Super Bowl is this weekend.  However, if your team is not  in it and because of the two-week wait between Conference Championship games and Super Sunday, the game loses its luster.   For the record, I am a Cowboys fan.  Let the jokes begin.  I am also a big St. John’s basketball fan (class of 1995) and if they ever won the National Championship I might rank it as my all-time best sports moment.  Then there are the New York Islanders, a team I root for but not with the same intensity as the other teams mentioned.

It is baseball, though that gets my juices flowing the most.  With the season in striking distance, my book of choice is Steinbrenner by Bill Madden.  I have  pulled out my 1979 Topps set and I also attempted to throw a splitter with an orange.  Yes, baseball is almost back and not a moment too soon.


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  1. Jim

    When I think of baseball cards the image I get in my head, more than any other is of that ’79 design with the horozontal pennant at the bottom with the team name. A classic. Although my alltime favorite baseball card design is the 1960. I have Ozzie Smith’s rookie card from that 1979 set somewhere.

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