Pick One, Please

It is time for Major League Baseball to choose one or the other.

What do they say, in New York, you are either for the Yankees or the  Mets; in Chicago you are either for the Cubs or the White Sox.  You must choose sides.  No rooting for both teams.

So the powers that be in baseball should decide.

DH or no DH?

Personally, I would rather have no Designated Hitter.  There are nine players on the diamond; all nine of them should hit.  One argument DH proponents make is that most pitchers are automatic outs.  That is true in most cases but so what?  Does every hitter, 1 through 9 have to be an offensive force?  Plus, there are  good-hitting pitchers such as Dontrelle Willis, Carlos Zambrano and Micah Owings that have the potential to hit  consistently as well as put one out.

Another reason people favor the DH is it extends the playing time of great players such as Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield  and Eddie Murray.  Others will argue that if weren’t for the DH we would not have been able to be treated to the career of Edgar Martinez.  Well as long as these outstanding players were able to hit their respective teams would have found a way to put them in the lineup.  Just take a look at Barry Bonds.  Anyone who watched him play during his last couple of seasons knew that he could barely move in Left Field because of major knee issues   He was still enough of a force at the plate that he led the National League in walks his final two seasons. 

I digressed a tad so back to the main point.  There needs to be uniformity in Major League Baseball regarding the use of a Designated Hitter.  As much as I would rather have pitchers hitting, I could live with a DH as long as BOTH leagues use it.  With the re-aligning of the leagues starting in 2013, there will be an interleague game every day.  It is silly to continue to have two sets of rules, one for the AL parks and one for the NL parks.  It would be like the NBA having no three-point line for the Eastern Conference and a three-point line for the Western Conference.

I believe that if one side were chosen, the DH would stay and be implemented in the National League.  The players’ union wants it as that means more jobs for them.  I would say if it were put to a vote  every American League owner would vote yes.  Many National League owners are probably not on board but I am sure if they were some sort of financial compensation, those owners would be willing to change their minds.  One way or another a decision should be made soon.  So I ask you, the fans:

DH or No DH?


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