Sharp Dressed Men


It is sure nice to have Bobby Valentine back managing in the United States.  Having lived in New York and followed his tenure with the Mets, it will sure be a blast watching him deal with the Boston media during the first five game losing streak.  One wonders if he will be seen wearing his famous moustache outfit to any press conference.  In fact, in honor of Bobby V, we (and by we I mean me) would like to also present to you some other famous outfits worn by those in baseball over the years.


Someone forgot to tell Bucky Dent that there is no bunting in softball.  Say hello to the actual uniforms the White Sox initially wore during the first game of a doubleheader on August 8, 1976.  Owner Bill Veeck had talked back in March that his team would be wearing these beauties at some point during the season.  After the first game ended, the Sox players decided to go back to traditional uniform pants.  They wore them again on August 22nd and for the final time on August 26th.  The shorts were never seen again but thanks to the magic of the Internet, you take a look at them by viewing this clip.

I am glad Steve Lyons did not go Full Monty on us.  The former utility man, nicknamed “Psycho”, needed to brush off the dirt on his uniform after diving headfirst into first base to beat out a bunt.  The fans on this sleepy night in Detroit on July 16, 1990 were (mis) treated to more flesh than they had bargained for.  I have always thought Lyons did this on purpose to garner a little extra attention but I will let you be the judge of that here.

Sorry Red Sox fans, you won’t be seeing Jonathan Papelbon prancing around shortstop anymore.  The new Phillies closer liked his inner Riverdance when the Red Sox won an important playoff game or series.  Unfortunately for Boston, there hasn’t been much of this the last two seasons.  Come to think of it, maybe Sox fans won’t miss him after what went down in game number 162.  But in case you want one last glimpse, you can view it here.


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